The RaceXpert horse racing ratings service has been in existence since 2002 and clearly no service is supported by its loyal membership for more than 13 years in such a competitive field unless it is continually doing something that is extremely special.

What isn't widely known is that although the main RaceXpert programming team are still UK based over 9 years ago the owner of RaceXpert moved to a beautiful Island in the Mediterranean.

Over the years the owner of RaceXpert has been fortunate enough to build up a circle of other extremely clever individuals who are continually developing new ground making methods of making money through sports betting, including one particularly brilliant genius who has been very quietly making a lot of money in a field that RaceXpert is not currently well known for.

In fact although this market is still racing related it is probably not something that you may ever have ever thought about getting involved with yourself !!

The number of variables in horse racing i.e. going, number of horses in a race, different course layouts, different race types, distances, jockey and trainer intentions etc, etc represents a truly mind blowing challenge that RaceXpert successfully rises to each and every day.

However to create something different what we were ideally looking for is a sport with a regular number of runners who are competing on a fairly uniform service ( rather than extremes of going found in horse racing ). This would then give us a solid base on which we could build something totally new.

Now if you are a Horse Racing fan you are probably immediately switching off ( which to be honest was what we initially did ) but please bear with us a moment and we will tell you how you could potentially be making some extremely serious money with very little ( if any ) effort on a sport that on average runs 12 hours a day 7 days a week.

Best of all you can do all of this completely on autopilot as we have successfully automated the entire profit generating process.

Now lets make very clear that when we originally started work on this we had no intention of ever making it available to a wider audience. Indeed why would we when we could just go on pocketing the profits it creates for ourselves ?

The answer of course comes from two things.

Firstly we have members who are continually telling us that they don't have the time to learn about the topic they are actually gambling on i.e. Horse Racing

However secondly and more importantly RaceXpert has always been well known over the last 13 years for giving back to the racing community and this could potentially be our greatest gift to you ever.

So lets give you the answers to some of the questions you are probably already formulating :-

bullet1 Do I need any knowledge of Greyhound Racing ? – Absolutely none whatsoever !!
bullet1 Do I need to be a member of any other RaceXpert service to join ? – No, this is a completely standalone service and as such no other subscription with us is currently required.
bullet1 Will I need a huge bank to run this ? - The great news is that you are able to initially commence using the RGS service with the size of bank that you personally feel most comfortable with. Then as your betting bank steadily grows so will your potential earnings, comfortably building you long term profits within your chosen parameters.
bullet1 Will you be giving us the settings used to generate the profit from your newsletters ? – We will provide you with settings being used but once set you just connect up and go. That's it !!
bullet1 When will this be released ? – This service was successfully launched on August 1st 2015 but as there are limited places your order may not necessarily be accepted.
bullet1 Can I have a free trial ? – If you are asking this question gambling on greyhounds or indeed any sport is definitely not for you. Not only is this a Premium Service but there are technical set up costs in implementing your account that WILL require payment. You also need to have a betting bank i.e. an amount of money that you are going to gamble with, which should be completely separate to any other funds that you need for your normal day to day living expenses. This fully automated tool works in a simply devastating fashion making it for serious players only, which is something that the professional pricing level of this product also reflects.
bullet1 Do I need a Betfair account ? – Yes, you will need a Betfair account and you will also require a subscription to the GRUSS Betfair Betting Assistant.
bullet1 Can I use anything else besides GRUSS ? – No, we will not be supporting any other Betfair access platform.
bullet1 Do I need to know anything about EXCEL ? – No you do not need to know anything about Excel but you do need to have Microsoft Excel ( any version after 2007 or later ) actually installed on your computer. Unfortunately GRUSS will not connect to Open Office so you cannot use that as a FREE alternative.
bullet1 Do I need to sit in front of my computer all day ? – No you do not. Just connect up each day and go.
bullet1 Can I join this later ? – We are limiting this service to a total of just 50 people only to protect all members and indeed our own income ( with an initial release of only 25 places ). Once all 50 places have been taken that will be it.

But before you sign up here is one final thing that should immediately flag up to just you how potentially good this service is going to be.


Are you ready ?

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It is widely accepted by those with a genuine knowledge of sports gambling that RaceXpert is without doubt the UK´s Number One Ratings Service and you will quickly understand after joining this totally unique service just why we have now been in business for FOURTEEN YEARS.

All ratings are NOT the same and we may be copied but we will certainly never be bettered. There is only ONE RaceXpert.

We look forward to welcoming YOU to this New RaceXpert Service really soon !!


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