We recently released a method to our valued members using the SUMMARY BOX SELECTIONS which can be found on every one of our Daily Racecards.

These SUMMARY BOX SELECTIONS condense the many thousands of calculation that take place each day to compile a shortlist of horses with a real chance in each of the days many races in both the UK and Ireland. This information helps you to weed out the wheat from the chaff so you are only ever spending your valuable time on horses that may actually win. A huge time saving service that is worth its weight in gold.

Brilliant though this method is it also takes many hours to set up manually each morning and to get the best results from it you really need to be placing your bet about 15 seconds before the race starts. You also need to be taking into account any non runners.

Now for most people this level of comitment is just not possible as they have both work and family commitments to contend with as well as the study of horse racing. In the busy summer months when there is also evening racing to contend with you would need to be sat in front of your computer for around 7 to 8 hours day. Great to have the benefits of all those potential winners but not much in the way of anything else in your life.

So for most people this method is clearly never going to work and indeed nearly everyone member that we spoke to or who contacted us said what a fantastic method this is but is there a way that you can automate it for us ?

Now we have always said that if RaceXpert doesn’t do what you want it to do you haven’t asked for it so we just could not resist this challenge and passed all your many comments and ideas to our in house team of programmers.

They then spent several months crunching the numbers to not only work with what they had but to also see if there might be an even better way ?

RaceXpert members will know that the original SUMMARY BOX SELECTION method pointed to several selections in a race and which meant that some who were unfortunately not using it correctly thought that the manual method pointed to every runner in the race.

We knew therefore straight away what our challenge was.

Get the same outstanding results and profit but reduce the number of selections to the lowest number possible and this is where it all started to get extremely exciting.

We have been in business since 2002 and our in house research team includes some of the best brains there are which is why we believe we have remained so successful over the last 14 years in what is an extremely competitive business.

Indeed we knew that if anyone could make this work it would be our team of programing experts and today we have some really great news for you.

Our team has taken the original method still available in the SYSTEMS AREA of our web site and made a completely NEW DISCOVERY about it that has given it a new and totally unique twist.

Indeed we know that this method is something that has never been thought of before and which no one else ( to the best of our many years knowledge ) is doing or at least if they are they are certainly keeping it extremely well hidden.

Our team have then completed automated the entire process which means that you no longer have to do anything manually.

With this new automated method called RACEXPERT BANK BUILDER there is not only just ONE SELECTION but it now also only bets in very carefully SELECTED RACES.

So let’s just say that again :-

So you will now be thinking just how did RACEXPERT BANK BUILDER get on when we tested it and you had really better sit down for this news !!

We switched RACEXPERT BANK BUILDER on and ran it for 4 weeks starting with a small 500 bank.

Even we were gobsmacked.

Now we are sure we don't need to ask you what a difference this could make to you and best of all because all the bets are in the Betfair win market which means there is none of the liquidity problems associated with other methods.

You don’t need to do anything amazing with RACEXPERT BANK BUILDER as all the magic is done for you in the background.

You also don’t need any knowledge of horse racing as we provide all the information that you need each day in a single downloadable file.

Just set RACEXPERT BANK BUILDER up ( yes we will provide you with instructions ) give it your bank size and you are in business.

Now don't worry if you don’t have to have a 500 bank as you can start with 100 or whatever you are personally able to afford.

Do I need any knowledge of Horse Racing Racing ? – Absolutelly none whatsover as we do all the work !!
Do I need a Betfair account ? – Yes, you will need a Betfair account. You will also require a subscription to the GRUSS Betfair Betting Assistant and a copy of Microsoft Excel.
Can I use anything else besides GRUSS ? - No, we will not be supporting any other Betfair access platform. You should also note that Gruss does not work with Apple or Android so this service is only available for PC.
Do I need to know anything about EXCEL ? – No you do not need to know anything about Excel but you do need to have Microsoft Excel ( any version after 2007 or later ) actually installed on your computer. Unfortunately GRUSS will not connect to Open Office so you cannot use that as a FREE alternative.
Do I need to be a member of any other RaceXpert service to join ? – No, even though this product utilises our unique ratings it is a completely standalone service and as such no other subscription with us is currently required.
Will I need a huge bank to run this ? – The great news is that you are able to initially commence using this service with the size of bank that you personally feel most comfortable with. That could be 50, 100, 500, 1000 or whatever you can sensibly afford to gamble with. Then as your betting bank steadily grows so will your potential earnings, comfortably building you long term profits.
Will you be giving us the settings used to generate the profit from your newsletters ? – We will provide you with very few settings being used and you will also need to download the daily updates but once set you just connect up and go. That's it.
Can I just buy the selections from you ? – Final selection calculations are carried out in the Live Market as the days racing unfolds with bets placed just seconds before the off. This calculation process even includes removing non runners and making alternative selections. There is therefore no way that list of selections would be known prior to a full days racing commencing.
Can I have a free trial ? – If you are asking this question gambling on horse racing or indeed any sport is definitely not for you. In our many years in this business we have found time and time again that gamblers looking for things for free generally give that free thing exactly the same level of effort i.e. none whatsoever. There are technical set up costs in implementing your account that WILL require payment. You also need to have a betting bank i.e. an amount of money that you are going to gamble with, which should be completely separate to any other funds that you need for your normal day to day living expenses.
Do I need to sit in front of my computer all day ? – No you do not. Your computer does need to be switched on and connected to the internet when there is racing underway but this does not require you to be in attendance, so you can just connect up RaceXpert Bank Builder each morning and then get on with your life.

There is Absolutely NO time to waste ...

If you're truly serious about betting success ...

Then RaceXpert Bank Builder is for YOU.

Place your BANK BUILDER ORDER today :-


RaceXpert is without doubt the UKs Number One Horse Racing Ratings Service and after joining this totally unique service you will quickly understand just why we have now been in business for FOURTEEN YEARS.

Pease note that there will be NO TRIAL PERIODS free or otherwise and NO SHORTER SUBSCRIPTION PERIODS.

All ratings are NOT the same and we may get copied but we will certainly never be bettered. There is only ONE RaceXpert.

We look forward to welcoming YOU to RaceXpert really soon !!

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